Monday, March 30, 2009

Shop Profile - Fastrack Bicycles

If you happen to be in Santa Barbara, check out Fastrack Bicycles. It's a true road shop with a rich history in elite cycling and plenty of connections to some of the sports great riders. The shop is packed with all the latest road bikes that one would see winning the Tour de France. We had the opportunity to find out a little bit more about the shop and its owner Dave Lettieri.

Acura LA Bike Tour: When you opened, most shops were still in the mountain biking is the bread and butter mode, what made you take that leap of faith to a road only shop?
Dave Lettieri: I thought if I could fill a need and a particular niche, I could have a good business.

ABT: What makes Fastrack different from other shops around Southern California?
DL: I think because the shop is owner operated, and that makes a big difference. Also, not many shop owners do not have the background that I have. Also still riding and participating in local events helps keep me up to date on the newest equipment.

ABT: You have a pretty good relationship with Lance Armstrong. How did you meet Lance?
DL: I knew Lance when I managed Chevrolet/LA Sheriff. (Note: The Chevrolet/LA Sheriff Cycling Team was a domestic based pro team from 1991-1995) Then he started vacationing in Santa Barbara in late 1997 and we became friends.

ABT: What does his comeback do for the sport?
DL: It’s big for the exposure that the sport gets. Every thing Lance does is reported on in the press.

ABT: Does that help with business?
DL: Absolutely, any publicity for cycling is good for the bike industry.

ABT: Has Lance changed the industry?
DL: Yes he has helped everyone from Trek to all the other bike manufacturers. He brings them into the sport. He also helps the coaching angle of the bike industry as well as the bikes.

ABT: You had a pretty successful racing career. Can you tell us how you get into riding?
DL: I did local century tours in northeastern Pennsylvania. Then started track racing in Trexlertown PA on the velodrome.

ABT: You competed in the 1998 Olympics. Tell us about your Olympic experience?
DL: That was great because everyone recognizes the Olympics. It gives a bit of credibility to anyone’s cycling career.

ABT: How do we get young people in the sport?
DL: I think with local events as well as having cycling mentors or coaches to help guide young riders.

ABT: What do you think of the swing towards bike advocacy?
DL: I think its good. If we have more bike lanes, bikeways and recognition for bikes or cycling, it’s a good thing.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Where to start with your bicycle training

So you're either thinking about starting up with cycling or already have been doing a little bit of it. So what's the most important factor when it comes to good training? Consistency. Consistency is what really makes the difference in a solid training program. Seems basic and it is. Be honest with how many day's per week you can train. Wether it's two days or six days a week, stick to something that you can really commit to. Rides are good but if you can't always get outside a mellow spin class can work in it's place to keep the consistency. Also make sure that you break up the workouts. Your body needs rest and rest is as important as the workouts. But if you have a day, you know the one, where you're just not motivated or feeling like going for a ride try this little trick. Get in your cycling gear, hop on the bike and go around the block. Takes just a minute or two but if you don't feel like going for a good ride by then you're done. Most of the time what you'll find is you'll still keep riding and that brings us back to the foundation of consistency. So get out there and have fun riding your bike!

Nate Loyal
Bike Fit Specialist/Coach

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Welcome to the launch of the Acura LA Bike Tour blog. This blog will serve as the informational hub to the event. In the next few weeks we plan to post a series of videos and articles that aim to inspire, motivate and help you become a better rider.

This year's event will take place on May 25, 2009. Start time is at 5:00 am. We look forward to another fun and successful tour around our scenic city. See you there!

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