Thursday, May 28, 2009

Acura LA Bike Tour Images

Here are a few images that I took while riding the Acura LA Bike Tour. I do not recommend trying this, but I use to be a pretty good bike racer back in the day. If you want to share photos of the ABT, please join our facebook group.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thank You

The Acura LA Bike Tour would like to thank all the participants, the vounteers, the staff and Acura for making the 2009 Acura LA Bike Tour such a success. We look forward to seeing you in the future.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Final Prep

Well can you believe the big day for the Acura LA Bike Tour is tomorrow morning? Now it's time for you to make sure everything is double checked and in order. Get your packet today because you won't be able to pick it up in the morning. The start is 5am so you should try to plan on getting to the start at 3:30. There are so many people doing this and you don't want to be in a rush that extra time will go very quickly. Make sure you're bike is in perfect working order and the tires pumped up. It'll be cool out tomorrow morning and you might be standing at the start a little while so you want to dress warm but layer since you'll warm up on the ride. Make sure to get your water bottles and any food/energy bars packed up with your helmet and other cycling gear by tonight. Sure the start is early but the experience of having open LA roads to you on a bicycle ride while watching the sun rise is priceless. Be safe and have fun!

Nate Loyal 
Bike Fit Specialist

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Acura LA Bike Tour Final Instructions

Final instructions are now posted on the LA Marathon/Acura LA Bike Tour website. Click here for all the information.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



USC Campus: fee is $10/vehicle; lot opens at 3am

Directions: Exit 110 Harbor Freeway at Exposition Blvd. Proceed west to Figueroa and turn right. Proceed north to Jefferson and enter parking lots on the left. Or proceed west after McClintock enter parking lots on the left or turn left on Vermont and enter parking lots on your left.

Exposition Park: fee is $10/vehicle; lot opens at 3am

Directions: Exit 110 Harbor Freeway 110 at Martin Luther King Blvd and proceeds west to Menlo and turn right entering parking lots on the left.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dodger Significant Others to Ride ABT

Jodi Mientkiewicz, Maggie Ethier and Marikym Hervieux talk about why they're riding the Acura LA Bike tour for ThinkCure!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Acura LA Bike Tour Safety Tip

Anytime we ride our bicycles outside safety is a concern and priority. For the Acura LA Bike Tour the roads will be closed off to car traffic and because of that the roads you will be on will be so much safer to ride. Riding safely is still a priority. There will be plenty of other riders out there with you and at the start it will be dark. Make sure that when you are riding not to make sudden changes in direction or brake without warning. If you have to pull off to one side of the road or the other just take a look over your shoulder to see if anyone is coming up quickly behind you. If you need to stop try to stop along the side of the road but also even with gradually slowing down call out saying "stopping". This will give the riders behind you a heads up on what you are doing. Having a basic bicycle headlight and bright colored clothing can also help. Be safe, be smart and have fun out there. 

Nate Loyal 
Bike Fit Specialist

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bike to Work Week

It's Bike to Work Week, which is a great way to put in some extra miles in preparation for the Acura LA Bike Tour. The LA County Bicycle Coalition have published the week's festivities. If you have some time go support their efforts!

Monday May 11 
8:30 am 
Kick-off Event at Olvera St. 

Tuesday May 12
8:00 am
Blessing of the Bikes at Good Samaritan Hospital.
For more information click here.

Wednesday May 13 
8:00 am
Downtown LA Bike Ride.
Meet at Civic Center Metro Red Line Station at 8am. 

Thursday May 14 - LA Bike to Work Day
Free rides all day on Metro and other transit operators.
Pit Stop at City Hall East between 6 and 9 AM.
- Come show the Mayor and elected officials that we are here in numbers!!
- Then stop by LACBC pit stop at 634 S. Spring Street.

Check out the complete list of pit stops for LA County. 

Friday May 15 - Bike to School Day
For more information contact Also visit Safe Bicycle Routes for LA Schools. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bike Valet

The Santa Monica Classic was last Sunday, and once again runners were treated to a great course, cool shirts and perfect weather. One thing that was also kind of cool was the bike valet provided by the LA County Bicycle Coalition. I think we took around 75 cars off the road and gave runners the convenience to park their bikes next to registration and the start. I encourage promoters to use this service!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Club Profile - Major Motion

Major Motion Cycling Club, named after the 1899 world 1-mile champion Major Taylor, has always had a knack for finding and developing talented junior riders. Current US Pro Criterium Champion Rahsaan Bahati and Under - 23 Criterium Champion Justin Williams are two of the clubs most notable alumni.  

Damon Turner and Dave Pullman are two men that have committed time, energy and resources to give young riders the opportunity and support to shine. We spoke with Damon Turner.

Acura LA Bike Tour: What does the man Major Taylor mean to your club?

Damon Turner: Major Taylor inspired the guys who started Major Motion, an adult club, in 1975. He means everything when you think about what he had to experience, the discrimination he endured. He was focused, determined and he was an amazing human being. It is his spirit that has allowed for the success of Major Motion Development, the junior team that grew out of the adult club.

ABT: Does he not get enough credit in terms of what he accomplished in the sport? 

DT: I don't believe he is receiving the credit he deserves, but I feel now that he's getting some credit. There are bicycle clubs around the country naming themselves after him or who are inspired by his accomplishments. His hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts has raised a statue of him, and a Worcester non-profit, the Major Taylor Association, holds an annual bike event , the George Street Challenge, that is held on a street where he trained.  

ABT: You guys have done an incredible job of getting African-American kids on their bikes. Tell us about the history and the methods to get kids riding.

DT: Dave and I started Major Motion Development with two juniors in 1997. We noticed that there were very few kids from our neighborhood in the sport of cycling. Basketball, football, sure, but not cycling. This is a sport that allows a kid to express his or her individuality and we wanted to see these kids have that opportunity. The very first kid was Rahsaan Bahati (currently of Rock Racing) and it just kind of started growing from there. Other kids saw his success and wanted to be a part of it.  It was really word of mouth and when we'd compete at races kids want to be a part of the program. We knew there were plenty of potential Bahatis and we wanted to help them enter and excel in the sport. We never stop looking for new talent and any chance we get to expose young people to the Major Taylor legacy, we take it.

ABT: Any future talent we should be aware of?

DT: Yes, Cory and C J Williams, younger brothers of Justin Williams are placing in the top 5 of the senior races they're competing in. They're definitely keeping up the family tradition. Morgan Ryan, he's a great stage racer and Aasin Taylor, who has only been in the sport for a little over six months is another rising star. He recently placed 2nd in his first CAT-4 race. He's an incredibly smart rider, who we are really excited to be working with. And let's not forget the girls, Alexis Ryan, who's 15, and is doing Pro 1/2 women's races.

ABT: What's next for Major Motion?

DT: We are headed to Junior Road Nationals, Track Nationals and we got our 6th invite to the Le Tour de Abitibi, which is a UCI stage race in Canada. We're working hard and hope to be on the podium at all these!

ABT: Favorite Ride?

DT: I like Montrose, its a proven training ground that is bound to make you a better rider.

ABT: Favorite Shop?

DT: Shout out to all the bike shops that have supported Major Motion Development. We are grateful for the support and encouragement.

Click here to find out more about Major Motion.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Some Fun Rides in LA

In my opinion, some of the most epic rides are in the Los Angeles area. If you ever drive up PCH, take notice of the dozen or so canyons in Malibu that seem to shoot straight up. Tackling Tour de France type climbs is not for everyone. For those who need to get some last minute leisurely mileage in their legs, I have posted a few links to some fun easy routes.