Sunday, May 24, 2009

Final Prep

Well can you believe the big day for the Acura LA Bike Tour is tomorrow morning? Now it's time for you to make sure everything is double checked and in order. Get your packet today because you won't be able to pick it up in the morning. The start is 5am so you should try to plan on getting to the start at 3:30. There are so many people doing this and you don't want to be in a rush that extra time will go very quickly. Make sure you're bike is in perfect working order and the tires pumped up. It'll be cool out tomorrow morning and you might be standing at the start a little while so you want to dress warm but layer since you'll warm up on the ride. Make sure to get your water bottles and any food/energy bars packed up with your helmet and other cycling gear by tonight. Sure the start is early but the experience of having open LA roads to you on a bicycle ride while watching the sun rise is priceless. Be safe and have fun!

Nate Loyal 
Bike Fit Specialist

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