Thursday, May 14, 2009

Acura LA Bike Tour Safety Tip

Anytime we ride our bicycles outside safety is a concern and priority. For the Acura LA Bike Tour the roads will be closed off to car traffic and because of that the roads you will be on will be so much safer to ride. Riding safely is still a priority. There will be plenty of other riders out there with you and at the start it will be dark. Make sure that when you are riding not to make sudden changes in direction or brake without warning. If you have to pull off to one side of the road or the other just take a look over your shoulder to see if anyone is coming up quickly behind you. If you need to stop try to stop along the side of the road but also even with gradually slowing down call out saying "stopping". This will give the riders behind you a heads up on what you are doing. Having a basic bicycle headlight and bright colored clothing can also help. Be safe, be smart and have fun out there. 

Nate Loyal 
Bike Fit Specialist

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