Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Christian Vande Velde Interview

After years of riding for some of cycling’s top names, Christian Vande Velde had the opportunity to finally take over the reigns as a team leader last year for Team Garmin - Slipstream.  For Christian it was a break out year placing third at the Tour of CA, fourth at the Tour de France and first in the Tour of Missouri. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with the American Tour de France contender.

Acura LA Bike Tour:  What's it like to be able to ride your bike for a living? 

CV: It's a dream come true that I have the ability to ride my bike for a living. When times are tough with travel and or injury, I try to keep things in perspective.


ABT: Can you give the LA bike Tour participant an idea of your day? 

CV: Wake up, change diapers, breakfast, ride for average of 4 hours, lunch, massage, play with kids, emails, dinner, catch up with Leah (wife), bed.


ABT: How many miles a week do you ride? 

CV: Around 500.


ABT: How many calories do you consume a day? 

CV: Anywhere from 3000 to 6000


ABT: During the Tour? 

CV: 6-7k


ABT: What would you be doing if you weren't a bike racer? 

CV: Not a clue, probably wearing a suit. 


ABT: Where are you right now? 

CV: In Girona, Spain.


ABT: What are you doing? 

CV: Sitting on my couch, watching Winnie the Pooh with Uma and drinking coffee. 


ABT:  You are active on Twitter. What do you think of it?

CV: Ashton Kutcher just reached 1,000,000 followers. I think it is crazy. I still have a hard time telling people what I am doing, but it is much better than a website and much easier to follow people. It's great.


ABT: Will you catch Lance someday on the number of people following you? 

CV: Never. 


ABT: Favorite sport, other than cycling? 

CV: Water skiing. Motocross...almost anything with an engine, mine gets tired every once in a while.


ABT: Would you consider riding with 15,000 other riders at next year's Acura LA Bike Tour? 

CV: Of course!

Follow Christian on Twitter or at Team Garmin Slipstream.

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