Thursday, April 23, 2009

Riding can be tough. Why make it harder?

If you are fueled-up correctly, your riding can be much more enjoyable and healthy. Don't get caught up in the thought that the calories you take in before or during a ride will counter the calories burned. But is it really sensible to eat a big meal before a short ride?  Hardly. 

If you're going out for a light ride of 45 minutes to an hour and normally don't eat anything, try to start with a light meal. If you're going out in the morning then just start with a healthy cereal or even an energy bar. Your local bike shop should have a great selection of energy bars. Try a number of different types and flavors to find something that you like and you wouldn't mind eating while out for a ride. 

What you should see is an increase in your sustained energy during your rides.  Plus your post-ride recovery will be better and you’ll be less likely to feel so dead after your rides. If you still have a dead feeling, try increasing your caloric intake slightly and stretch it from pre- to during your ride. 

Lastly, it’s also important to remember to stay hydrated. Here in Los Angeles our weather doesn't change much, but as little as a 10 degree swing in start to finish temps can make a big difference in how much water/fluid you should drink. Try to be sipping from your water bottle at least once every 10 to 15 minutes. This will get you in the habit of drinking while out on your ride. Hydration’s secondary benefit beyond enhancing the body’s nutrition intake and absorption, it also helps speed up your metabolism.

Nate Loyal 
Bike Fit Specialist


  1. How many miles is the Acura LA Bike tour? I've looked on the website and don't see it posted anywhere.