Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cycling with Finesse

So you've started to ride consistently which is step one. Now what should you focus on while you are riding? Let's look into your pedaling form. Sometimes when we are exercising we feel that we think that a lot of pushing and pulling, like lifting weights, is a good thing and will give us the greatest returns. Cycling is a finesse sport. Think of it like swimming or golf. The harder you fight or muscle the technique the worse things can get. Muscles tire and joints can hurt. So with cycling the trick is all about your pedaling speed known as cadence. Now this is not your traveling speed. We want your legs to move quickly and efficiently. If you have a computer on your bicycle that tracks this, you will want to look for 85-95rpm. The sooner you work on this the easier riding will be in the long run. At first it might feel like your going slower but give it a few rides and your body will adapt. Your muscles and joints will thank you for it and as a bonus your endurance will get better. So if you find yourself in a big gear and pushing hard with a slow cadence, shift into an easier gear, spin more and start working on your efficiency.

Nate Loyal
Bike Fit Specialist

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